Rent our luxury villa in Emerald Island Resort near Orlando with confidence!

Q. What is the location of villas offered on this website?

All Emerald Island Resort villas are located in Emerald Island Resort Kissimmee in the suburbs of Orlando Florida and less than 3 miles from Disney World.

Q is your homes and villas offered on this website certified/licensed vacation homes?

Yes, the vacation homes offered for rent are certified and licensed by the Osceola county and State of Florida. The licenseis displayed in the home per state and county laws.

Q. How I can be assured with all the scams out there?

We strongly encourage you to ask questions before you reserve a vacation home whether it is in Orlando area or elsewhere. Our Villa is personally owned by US, we provide our Work  and cell/mobile phone numbers, personal email address and you can even hand deliver payment to our home address if you like if you live in the UK?

Q. Will I be staying in the exact villa shown in pictures of this website?
Absolutely. What You See Is What You Get. The pictures shown on this website are of actual vacation homes that you will be staying in.

Rental Process

Q. We assure that we will keep the villa clean. Do we still have to pay the security deposit?

The security deposit is standard practice when booking any vacation home because it serves as a “safety net” for the owner and as an incentive for the renter to not abuse the property. However, accidents do occur, and, even more unfortunately, a very small minority of people may abuse or take things from our home. Therefore we will not rent our property without this “safety net,” and deductions will be made if we find damage or missing items after your departure. The deposit is ($550) will be returned to you in full following your stay, assuming that you leave our home the way you found it.

Q. Do I have to pay taxes? If so how much?

Yes, just like you pay taxes when you stay in a hotel, you will pay taxes when you stay in any licensed vacation rental home in Florida. The tax rate is same for hotels and vacation homes and is 13%. It includes the State of Florida Sales tax and Osceola county occupational tax.

Q. Where do I pickup/drop-off the keys to the villa that I am renting?

No where! Our villa have a secure key-less entry systems. We will provide you with the access codes for the resort as well as the villa prior to your arrival. So, there is no need to pickup or drop-off keys. That is the last thing we expect our guests to do when they arrive late at night. We don’t want you to waste your precious holiday time in the Florida area for trivial things such as visiting a rental agency’s front-office to pick-up keys!

Q. How much security deposit is required for your vacation homes?

Security Deposit for our vacation homes is $550 as Per the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, your security deposit will be refunded after accounting for any damages and excess telephone usage or excess cleaning needs at the villa after your departure. It could take us up to 3 weeks to refund the security deposit. However, as we aim to keep our guests happy, we refund the same ASAP. Typical times taken to this date range from 3 – 14 days after the departure of the guest.
In what form will I receive my security deposit?

If your payment was made with PayPal and we are able to refund your security deposit via PayPal then that is how we will refund the security deposit. We are unable to refund to a different PayPal account than from which the payment is made. If you used other means, we will mail a check to the address on the Booking Form. Also, for your security we will only refund the deposit to the name of the primary person on the Booking Form.

Q. What is the minimum age to rent a vacation home?

The minimum age to rent any of our vacation homes is 25. ( this is checked by gate upon arrival at Emerland island resort.)

Local attractions, shops and golf courses

Q. How far are your vacation homes from Walt Disney World and other Orlando, Florida attractions?

Emerald Island Resort, Kissimmee, Florida is less than 3 miles from Disney World, Orlando. It will take between 5-10 minutes to be at the main entrance of Disney World. Our Orlando Florida Vacation Rental Information provided on this site has the shortest driving directions to Disney World and other Florida theme parks and attractions for your convenience. With its close proximity to attractions it is even possible to plan for an afternoon nap in the villa during your next Disney visit. You can always go back to your favorite park to see the Fire Works in the evening.

Q. Are there any shopping centers/restaurants close to Emerald Island Resort?
There are many shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, fueling stations and more just minutes from our villas. The nearest grocery store is less than 2 miles away and the shopping center is about one mile away.

Q. Are there any Golf courses near-by?

There are many golf courses near-by including Celebration Golf Club, Champions Gate, Falcon’s Fire, and Mystic Dunes, which are in close proximity to Emerald Island Resort. In addition, there are several Walt Disney World courses from which to choose. Stop by the Emerald Island Resort clubhouse for discount coupons to some of the area golf-courses and other attractions. For additional information, please visit our Orlando Florida Golf Courses and Orlando Florida Golf Villas.
Driving and car rental while renting vacation homes and villas

Q Do I need to rent a car while staying at one of your rental villas at Emerald Island Resort?

We recommend that you rent a car which gives you the flexibility to go shopping or visiting the water parks and theme parks at your own convenience. Some of our guests prefer not to drive and choose to utilize the shuttle service, but realize that this option may end-up being more expensive than renting a car if you have to take frequent trips.
We are not comfortable driving in US, can we take a shuttle to the parks?
Absolutely, you can arrange for transportation by visiting our clubhouse front desk. You can also call the providers listed on our Transportation to Disney Parks page.

Q. What are the parking facilities at Emerald Island Villas during our stay?

You can park on the driveway. Parking is free for all our guests. Please note that the resort does not permit recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, buses and commercial vehicles of any size and description. If you are unsure about your specific vehicle, please inquire with us.

Q. Rental car company is offering a pass/card to pay tolls easily. Do I need that?

With the card/pass that you are being offered, you will be paying the rental for the card/pass at about $10 per day for the duration of your stay PLUS the actual costs of tolls. In our opinion, there is no need to spend that much money for that convenience as most of the toll roads are staffed to collect tolls. It is a good idea to keep some change.

Q. Are there any tolls to pay between Orlando MCO airport and Emerald Island Resort?

There are many ways to reach Emerald Island Resort though the common route is to go via FL-528 to I-4 to Osceola Parkway. There are two manned toll booths and you will pay $1.00 and $0.75 respectively. Change is provided at both locations as there is staff 24×7 at these two toll booths. If you take alterate routes, you may be required to pay tolls at un-manned booths, so it is always recommended to keep some change in various denominations. Specific directions to your villa will be provided with your paid booking.

Living in the villa

Q. Are pets allowed in your vacation homes?

Due to risk to the furnishings we have, we do not allow pets of any size.

Q. Can I smoke in the villa?

As is typical to most of the vacation rental homes and for the health and comfort of our guests who do not smoke, our vacation homes are designated as non-smoking homes. You can smoke outside the villa.

Q. Do you provide BBQ grills?

The grill is provide are completely complementary and all we ask is that you clean them before and after your usage.

Q. If there is a problem during my stay, who should I call?

We contracted with a professional property management company to look after our villas. They are available to assist you with concierge-type services as well as any questions/issues you may have during your stay. The management company also provides a 24-hour contact number should you have an emergency during your stay. Their contact details will be provided to you prior to your arrival as well as are displayed at the villas.

Q. What are my responsibilities during and at the end of my stay?

During your stay, your only responsibilities are to be kind to our villas and to do whatever housekeeping (washing used dishes and returning them to cabinets, etc.), disposing trash on designated days as necessary to keep things as tidy as you found them at your arrival. It is helpful if you leave things in their proper place to facilitate the inventorying and cleanup that will occur after your departure. Please put-away all garbage in the provided cans. Please start a load of laundry prior to leaving. When you leave, just lock up the home after ensuring all side entry doors are closed. Apart from these sensible and reasonable details, the whole idea is to enjoy the villa, the resort, and your entire vacation! Re

Access and Facilities at Emerald Island Resort

Q. What do I need to enter Emerald Island Resort?

You will need to show Valid ID upon arrival to get through the main gate, head to the Club House where you will be asked for some basic details such as your name and address as well as the address of the villa you will be staying at. You will then be issued a gate-pass for the reminder of your stay. you will need to pay a $10 refundable deposit for this gate pass. If you arrive after-hours, the security guard will write down your information and will let you in. You are then required to stop at the Club House on the following day to obtain a pass for the rest of your stay. The gate-pass is specific to each vehicle that enters the resort, so you need to obtain a pass for each vehicle.

Q I am a serious jogger? Where can I jog?

You can walk through the Nature Trial for a casual walk. For serious jogging, you can go on the sidewalks which provide nice slopes. On those hot and muggy days, you can visit the Club House which has treadmills, bicycles and weights.
Amenities and facilities at the rental villas

Q. Do you provide linens and blankets in all of your vacation villas?

Yes, Our villa is completely furnished with linens and blankets as well as pool towels for the entire family.

Q. Are there washers and dryers in the villas?

We have full sized washer and dryer

Q. Is your homes child proof?

Our Home was planned around the needs of kids and with safety in mind, however, any home can’t be 100% child-proof and replace parent’s supervision. We strongly recommend that parents supervise their kids at all times.

Q. Is there air conditioning and/or heating?

Our home have both air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort.

Q. Is internet available at the villas?

We provide free secure Wi-Fi at our villa.